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Train Harder Hurt Less Pack-Train Harder Hurt Less-The Feed

Train Harder Hurt Less Pack By The Feed

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Sur AltRed (1 Bottle)

Beets have been known to help boost endurance performance for a while, but Sur AltRed is the first beet supplement on the market that contains only betalains extract, the nutrient that produces the red pigment in beets. AltRed uses a proprietary extraction method to remove nitrates and sugars, creating a betalains concentrate with increased bioavailability. You cannot get this from whole beets, beet juice or beet powders.

So what exactly do these betalains do? The AltRed Betalains in these tiny capsules improve oxygen delivery to your muscles and allow you to go further, faster, and longer in training and competition. AltRed's clinically proven athletic performance and recovery benefits are backed by science, 8+ years of field testing, and world champion endurance athletes. These studies have shown that Sur AltRed can help athletes:

  • Increase power output
  • Cover more distance for the same effort
  • Increase cycling and running efficiency
  • Reduce markers of muscle damage
  • Recover better

AltRed is also safe for sport. It is tested by both NSF Certified for Sport® and Informed Choice Trusted by Sport. Can you say win-win? We've been testing this in-house for some time now and the results are outstanding. This is now a staple in our supplement closet and the results are in. It works...and works well!

AmpHP (1 - 10.6oz Tube)

Sodium bicarbonate has been well researched, and is proven to help buffer acid and improve performance. Before amp, it had to be ingested by athletes to improve performance, which often caused stomach issues. Amp HP PR Lotion combines bicarbonate with their patented absorption technology to deliver the bicarb directly to your working muscles. This lotion contains all of the benefits of sodium bicarbonate without the risk of having to pay for it later. This sodium bicarbonate lotion has been shown to:

  • Reduce muscle soreness following intense exercise
  • Lower heart rate and rate of perceived exertion under the same training loads
  • Elevate lactate levels to fuel the muscle

Wait, it increases your lactate levels? Yes! Opposite of what you might think, more lactate actually helps efficiently fuel working muscles. Usually, a rise in lactate also means a rise in lactic acid, but the bicarb binds to and neutralizes the acid, releasing the energy producing molecule lactate so it can fuel your muscles without increasing acidity.

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