Threshold Provisions - Wild Pacific Salmon Jerky


Threshold Provisions Wild Pacific Salmon Jerky tastes great, and is WILD! We've found this product to be the envy of every one of our friends while we're out in the backcountry. No matter the activity, if you break out this jerky in the middle of an epic day, you're going to be a happy camper.

From the cold waters of the Pacific, Threshold sockeye salmon jerky is a quality source of protein, amino acids, and healthy omega-3 fatty acids. This shelf stable, heart healthy salmon jerky is an ideal additive to a meal, quick snack, or as a recovery supplement following a demanding workout. Each nitrite free 4oz package contains seven sticks of jerky which is a total of 42 grams of protein. If you're looking for a snack to that will not only satisfy your protein needs but also be the envy of your adventure friends, this is the one!

We love this WILD Salmon Jerky as primarily a snack! Great for while you're out on a long, hike and need a quick, easy snack that's packed with protein and nutrients.  Perfect for post-workout too!

Wild Pacific Salmon Jerky