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The Ultimate Recovery Kit



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We have taken all of our top recovery gear products and put them together in this kit. You will instantly have a world-class recovery gym in your house and be the envy of your training partner (and many pro athletes!).

1. Theragun G3. Percussion massage is the latest trend in recovery, and it has exploded in popularity as it works. It is not just vibration. It is a pushing in and out effect on the muscle tissue that stimulates the response, increases blood flow, and promotes tension release. The Theragun G3 is a professional level percussion massager. It has the power you need to release even the tighest muscle. Use it both pre-workout for warm-up (especially on the bottom of your feet) and post workout to accelerate recovery.

2. PSO-Rite. Built specifically for Psoas release, this unique chunk of plastic might be the holy grail of recovery tools for runners, cyclists, and triathletes that get super tight Psoas muscles. When you Psoas is too tight, you can get both knee pain and back pain. But releasing your Psoas (between your groin and outside crest of your hip) is hard to do if you can't get deep enough. That is where the PSO-Rite comes in. Lie face down and position this over your Psoas and slowly lower your weight on to the arms. You can do both sides at once or one side at a time.

3. Rolling with the Brazyn Roller. This is a killer roller with great "knobs" to get a little bit deeper that you can also take with you. This is the only roller that collapses so you can take it with you in your bag and on the road. Even though it collapses, it is just a sturdy as any non-collapsable roller I have tried.

4. Trigger Point STK Stick. Using a stick is similar to using a roller on the floor, but it is easier to get at certain areas, especially our calves, where many of us are super tight. This "stick" roller combines actual wheels like roller blade wheels for an even deeper tissue release than regular stick rollers.

5. Acumobility Ball. Often people use a ball for pressure point release, but the ball rolls around and winds up halfway across the room most of the time. Acumobility solves this with a flat base. It lets you more accurately guide the pressure to where you want it and also opens up new opportunities to stick the ball to the wall and lean into it.

6. Rad Roller Balls. The Rad Roller Balls and Block work together. The different size balls let you match the right pressure and size for each pressure point you find. The Block enables you to hold the balls for lying on them (so they don't roll around) and for storage. It is an excellent complement to the Acumobility Ball as the smaller balls can get to critical areas and the figure 8 ball is beneficial to get both sides of your spine and neck.

7. AMP HP Cream. This cream has been a massive seller for us and athletes love it. It's sodium bi-carbonate based cream that helps neutralize lactate acid. You can use it both pre-workout as a lactate buffering tool or post-workout to accelerate recovery.

8. Wave Tool. This is the smallest, but most potent of all the tools. Using Graston techniques of muscle scrapping I have had more relief from tendon and muscle pain than any other device. Usually, Graston tools can cost hundreds of dollars each, but Wave has combined four different shaped tools into one device at an affordable price. It's easy to use, apply some massage lotion and scrap the area that is hurting you. You should start with light pressure and work up to pretty intense scrapping as you get more comfortable with the Wave tool.

Bonus: It's essential to stay hydrated after using any of the product above to help flush what you released during your recovery. The best way to do that is with the Camelbak Chute 32 oz Bottle.

Bonus 2: Now that you are recovering like the pros you need to look the part with our exclusive Feed Me Trucker caps worn by all our Feed Athletes.

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