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Rolling is the best thing you can do for your muscle recovery and overall tissue health. In the Roller Pack, you get the three major modalities for myofascial release.

1. Rolling with the Brazyn Roller. This is a killer roller with great "knobs" to get a little bit deeper that you can also take with you. This is the only roller that collapses so you can take it with you in your bag and on the road. Even though it collapses, it is just a sturdy as any non-collapsable roller I have tried.

2. Trigger Point STK Stick. Using a stick is similar to using a roller on the floor, but it is easier to get at certain areas, especially our calves, where many of us are super tight. This "stick" roller combines actual wheels like roller blade wheels for an even deeper tissue release than regular stick rollers.

3. Acumobility Ball. Pressure point release is the final modality that every athlete should take be using in their recovery. Often people use a ball, but the ball rolls around and winds up halfway across the room most of the time. Acumobility solves this with a flat base. It lets you more accurately guide the pressure to where you want it and also opens up new opportunities to stick the ball to the wall and lean into it.

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