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If you are looking to take your training to the next level, then our Starter Recovery Kit will give you everything you need to recover like a pro. Traditionally the recovery gear of top pros would have cost a bundle, but we have been able to put together a much more affordable kit for everyone to get started.

With the Starter Recovery Kit, you get all major recover modalities of the top Pros.

1) Theragun Liv. Percussion massage is the latest trend in recovery, and it has exploded in popularity as it works. It is not just vibration. It is a pushing in and out effect on the muscle tissue that stimulates the response, increases blood flow, and promotes tension release. The Liv is 50% the cost of the Theragun G3 and everything an individual athlete needs to get started.

2) Rad Roller and Stick. Here you get both a roller and stick that work individually and together. You can place the stick inside the roller to help guide and provide additional leverage against the roller. Both offer a complete Myofascial release on all parts of the body.

3) Rad Roller Balls. Pressure point release is the final modality that is great for muscle release. The Rad Roller Balls and Block work together. The different size balls let you match the right pressure and size for each pressure point you find. The Block enables you to hold the balls for lying on them (so they don't roll around) and for storage. It's everything you need for pressure point release.

Bonus: It's essential to stay hydrated after using any of the product above to help flush what you released during your recovery. The best way to do that is with the Camelbak Chute 32 oz Bottle.

Bonus 2: Now that you are recovering like the pros you need to look the part with our exclusive Feed Me Trucker caps worn by all our Feed Athletes.

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