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The Feed Women's Classic Cycling Bibs (by Cuore)



What we think

Finding a great bib-short for cycling will change your entire outlook on riding your bike. The first time we rode in Cuore's gold bib short, we knew that we'd have to order 3 or 4 more pairs...we simply will not ride in another bib-short. After 15+ years of riding and racing bikes, this is the best bib short we've ever ridden in.

Produced in very limited quantities, The Feed bib-shorts are made by Cuore of Switzerland and are their top of the line gold bib-short. Why did we choose their best bib-short? Bib-shorts are one of the areas we're willing to spend extra on. The reality is that you'll be wearing these shorts for hours on end this summer. As such, we chose the best fit and highest quality product that is available today.

This is the ideal bib short for elite racers and serious riders looking for the best in quality, fit and comfort. This is the most technological advanced bib short in the Cuore product line, combining years of development and rider feedback.


PLEASE NOTE: we are happy to exchange sizes if you receive the wrong size, however this is a very limited run and we may not be able to accommodate all size change requests. If we cannot deliver the right size, we'll refund you in full for the purchase.

Questions? Shoot us an email and we'll help you find your size! hello@thefeed.com

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