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The Feed Pandana



What we think

The ultimate accessory to add to your quiver of "The Feed" gear.    The Feed pandana is exactly what one needs when looking to be safe whilst training on the roads or trails.  This convenient and mult-purpose wrap can do it all.  We like to think of it as the Swiss Army knife of the wrap world.

This pandana come in a number of sizes however we stock the standard size to encompass a four season need.

Standard:  25cm flat tube width x 50cm length.  This Standard Full Length model offers the most versatility and functionality and can be worn in many different ways.  It can be folded over (double thickness fabric) over your mouth and nose for extra protection.  Useful all year round, it works great as a Sun Protection Gaiter, Tubular Bandana, Helmet Liner, Face Shield, Beanie, or Balaclava

Here are some other high level highlights of this fantastic wearable gear:


  • Stylish and colorful personal protection
  • Seamless Stretch Tube fits closely to your face and head for maximum protection
  • Comfortable barrier to help filter dust, and other impurities
  • Breathable Fabric allows you to wear it over your face and mouth for maximum protection (even double layer)
  • Ultimate Versatility (scroll down to watch our How to Wear Video)
  • Natural Warmth and Wind Protection
  • Cooling Summer Wrap (simply wet with water for maximum Evaporative Cooling)
  • Lightweight and Packable (fits in any pocket or bag)
  • Year-Round Functionality (works in all weather conditions)
  • One Size Fits Most


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