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The Feed Limited Edition Running Bottle



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You've seen it.  You've wanted it....but alas...you couldn't find that elusive bottle anywhere!   Well the wait is over!  These clutch 400ml running bottles are the perfect addition to that quiver of gear for any runner out there.  Used by some of the top marathoners around the world this is THE bottle you've been waiting for. 

Offered in two colors this bottle is the perfect size for a runners hand.  Think of it as a regular bottle....on a diet.  We factor it to be just about half the traditional circumference of a traditional bottle.  The pop top nozzle easily dispenses the right amount when you squeeze it without leaking.  BPA Free and offered in multiple classic colors, be the envy of your next group run!  Oh yeah...and don't forget to tell your friends where you got yours!

*Note - these bottles are not meant nor will they fit any traditional bicycle water bottle cages.  (Do not use for Cycling)  They are meant to be held in hand whilst running.  

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