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The Feed delivers again with this winning combo pack that has bottles custom-made to tell you what's in those brilliant bottles. 

We all know that mixing and matching our fuel and hydration is key to any long workout.  Now when you look down and grab that bottle of choice - you'll clearly see the difference between each bottle.

Here is what you get in this pack:

1) Exclusive HYDRATE & FUEL branded bottles.

You get two Elite Jet 550ml Bottles. One is branded HYDRATE and the other is branded FUEL. You can only get the bottles as part of this pack and they are FREE. 

2) Maurten 320 (1 Box  - 14 Servings)

Maurten (pronounced MORTON) has created the newest technology in the sports nutrition world with its use of hydrogel to deliver nutrients. This revolutionary carbohydrate-rich hydration mix is widely used by the best marathoners in the world.

I'm not a pro athlete, will it work for me? A resounding yes! We've seen the impact is actually much more significant for recreational athletes. Whereas a Pro might see a 1% to 2% performance improvement, we've seen countless recreational athletes tell us their Marathon dropped by over 10% after switching their fueling to Maurten

How does it work? The secret to Maurten is it allows you to consume a high amount of carbs without upsetting your stomach. This means you can push hard and blow past your current limits because you'll have the fuel (muscle glycogen) you need all the way to the end of your workout or race.

High Carb drinks are new, and the problem all previous generations have in common is they often result in stomach distress. Maurten developed a patented Hydrogel technology that prevents this from happening.

Maurten Drink Mixes gently combines two crucial elements for you to use during your training: carbohydrates and electrolytes.  

It contains mixed carbohydrate sources to allow for optimal energy utilization, but it also contains unique hydrogel technology that slows down the delivery of these nutrients to help prevent stomach upset. In addition, this drink mix is high in sodium, an important electrolyte for fluid and nutrient delivery.  

What's it taste like?  I'm glad you asked! Maurten doesn't believe in adding anything additional to their products that don't enhance performance, so they don't add any flavors. The taste is just "slightly sweet", I would describe it as having a light Maple Syrup style taste. Most athletes report they enjoy drinking it more frequently as a result of the flavor being so mild. 

3) Skratch Labs Sport Hydration (1 Bag - 20 Servings)

Developed by the scientists at Skratch Labs, this drink mix was created to give elite athletes more options than just sugary sports drinks. Conventional sports drinks contain too much sugar and not enough electrolytes, making it harder to rehydrate and fully replace what you lose when you sweat.  Not to mention, the artificial flavors and colors don't do anyone any favors during exercise.

Sport Hydration is the newest formula from Skratch, now with slightly more sodium and less sugar than the previous formula. The result is a drink mix with 4% less sugar that contains an electrolyte profile that more closely matches what is lost in sweat. This drink mix includes two different types of carbohydrate, glucose, and fructose, which helps speed up fluid and fuel delivery to your working muscles during exercise. 

Skratch Labs formulated this hydration mix to be easier on the digestive system and to provide some energy in addition to replacing electrolytes. Not to mention, it’s made with real fruit and is non-GMO, gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, and kosher.


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