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The Feed Energy Gel Super Pack By The Feed

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Are you "GEL" curious?  We know we know.  It's hard to pick "one" gel these days that is "the" gel for your go-to during training.  With carb talk here...and amino acid mix talk can get pretty hectic trying to figure out which one works.  So why pick one when you can pick them all with this combo pack!  Here at The Feed - we take taste testing seriously.  Some may say "too seriously".  At the end of the day we want you to have the best of the best in terms of flavor and actual function.  This is why this variety gel pack was made.  This gel pack comes with all the top selling brands like Maurten,Honey Stinger,Untapped, Science in Sport and more.  Did we mention it comes with a free Feed Pouch too?  That way you can stash all your nutrition when on the go and it makes for a killer pack for race day.

Take the decision making out of it....just buy this pack to solve all those gel curiosities! 

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