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Tour de France riders are using Ketones as an energy source during the race and for increased recovery after racing, there is an additional benefit of ketones - which is increased mental acuity. 

The secret is the combination of ketones and caffeine. Ketones are the preferred fuel of your brain. Combining them with caffeine has an exponential impact on the uptake of ketones in the brain, creating this energized super focus. 

Make your own Ketone Coffee and Save 20% Today:
To make your own Ketone Coffee, you want to use deltaGold. It is the same active ingredient as deltaG, but without any flavoring or sweeteners, so a much better addition to coffee.

  • Take a strong, dark coffee to help with the taste (which is a little bit bitter) of the ketone ester
  • Add 4ml of deltaGold Ketones over hot or iced coffee
  • Buckle up for hours of productivity

Be warned. The effects might be a bit addictive. Probably not actually addictive, but everyone I’ve shared the recipe with has continued spiking their coffee for months now. I would compare the feeling to when you find your "flow" and have knocked out several hours of work in 45 minutes, and the best part is, it's not all that expensive. Each bottle will get you 6-7 cups of coffee, so just over $5.00/day. 

Enjoy the 20% savings on the combination of coffee, a coffee maker, and ketones for today only. 


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