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Tater Boost




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A dehydrated, savory trail mash for your active life.

Tater Boost may sound funny to you, but there's no messing around here! This is the ideal snack for athletes and adventurists that offers a sustaining alternative to gels and sugary powders. Tater Boost's ingredients fulfill four main points: high calorie, good for recovery, yummy taste, and super easy on the digestive system.  

Developed by endurance cyclists, this innovative product fulfills the demand for sustained energy that's convenient on-the-go. Tater Boost offers nutrient and electrolyte replenishment in contrast to some sugary alternatives, all while delivering a significantly more nutritious option for big days.

It offers a full 300cals with almost 50g of carbs in two tasty and clean flavors.

Beet + Rosemary: “Mix it up to take in the sublime essence that is coconut milk + the sparkly, aromatic zest of rosemary mixed in creamy potatoes + savory beets.”

Turmeric + Garlic: “Some say this buttery, garlic mashed potato recipe is good enough to present as a side dish you’d serve to your parents.”

How to Use It:

This powdered mix is one you can blend with water, milk, or oil, offering a range of delicious flavors and a nutritious performance boost. Endurance cyclists, ultra-runners, and extreme trekkers are recognizing the benefits of adding savory ingredients to their nutrition for long days and big efforts.


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