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Get yourself some good ole effective recovery with Tailwind’s Rebuild Recovery!

One of the golden rules of optimizing performance is getting the right recovery. It’s the most important and crucial part of anyone’s training and races. Unfortunately, we’ve all had days where we skip it or put it away due to the amount of time and effort to get a good recovery meal going.

We are always looking out for the yummiest and most convenient recovery drink mixes in the market. Tailwind Rebuild Recovery easily fell into our expectations and actually blew our minds with their formulation! Simply put, Tailwind knows that in order to perform at your best, you gotta recover with a really good product. 

Tailwind carefully crafted this recovery drink mix to make the best out of your down time!

This Dairy free, gluten free and vegan recovery drink mix is formulated with just the right amount of carbs, complete protein and electrolytes to help you recover and rebuild at your best. This will help you repair your muscles more efficiently and restore your energy quicker to help you get back into your routine faster and stronger!

Key Benefits:

  • Repairs torn muscle fibers from exercise.
  • Replenishes your glycogen (energy) stores in your muscles.
  • Helps keep you hydrated post-workout.

The Feed Fave: If you have a sweet tooth, you’re going to love Chocolate!

How We Use It:

Mix a packet of Tailwind Rebuild with 16oz (500mL) of water (shaken not stirred). Drink within the first 30 minutes after exercise. For longer or more intense workouts, follow with another packet of Tailwind Rebuild in the following 30 minutes.


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