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Our friends over at Superfat have expanded beyond your traditional Nut Butters and made their very own Superfat Brownie Mix, and oh boy we’re excited!  T

The idea here, similar to other treats, is to bake these brownies and eat them without all the guilt.  You can customize the mix with berries, nuts, more chocolate or whatever you please, to create a custom healthy brownie.  

With just a few ingredients, you can be sure the delicious fuel you’re making is also healthy and clean.  Superfat makes it very easy to go from mix to brownie in just 30 mins with easy directions right on the package.  Simply add add the ingredients on the back of the package and wham! 

How We Use It

We often find ourselves craving a tasty dessert after hard workouts. Superfat Brownie Mix is the avenue we take to satisfy that nagging sweet tooth.

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