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Steve's Paleo Dried Fruit




What we think

Dried fruit is a great way to get a sweet treat that packs energy and nothing artificial. Steve's Paleo Dried Fruit uses no preservatives, and is simply fruit, dried. With options ranging from the basic and delicious dried apples, to the more exotic dried gooseberries, or antioxidant rich dried mulberries. there is always something exciting for your palette.

The bags are super portable and make it easy to satisfy a sweet tooth, and stay paleo when on-the-go. The dried fruit also provides the perfect pre-workout energy, or in a jam, the perfect way to add a bit of umph to a workout.

The Feed's Fave: Dried Strawberries

How We Use It

We love Steve's Paleo Dried Fruit snacks as a pre workout pick me up. They are also a healthy alternative for long days in the office.

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