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Spring Energy McRaecovery




What we think

Spring was founded by a sports nutrition scientist who is also an ultra runner and health fanatic, and a creative, foodie entrepreneur. Together, they wanted to create sports nutrition products made with natural ingredients to help bring back the joy of racing and training without GI problems, sugar spikes, or low quality artificial ingredients. Their 100% natural line of gels harness the power of real, whole foods to help fuel you for any adventure!

The McRaecovery gels were designed in collaboration with the professional runner Sally McRae. They are specifically designed to boost recovery after long workouts and hard efforts, but can also provide more substantial energy for later stages of ultra races. Loaded with protein, calories, carbs, and MCT's from coconut oil, as well as anti-inflammatory nutrients, these balanced gels are a great way to kickstart recovery or get you through an ultra race.

How We Use it:
The goal is to aim for one gel every 30-40 minutes during races or training sessions lasting longer than 90 minutes. If you are cruising, eat more McRaecovery, Long Haul, or Power Rush. If you are pushing, eat more Speednut, Hill Aid, or Canaberry. 

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