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Split started with a simple idea from Chef Jeff Mahin.  He asked himself “How can I make better foods on the go?” He has been a chef for most of his life. For years his focus was about how food tasted, presented and was sourced. It was only when he started to exercise and focus on what he ate did the idea of nutrition ever cross his  mind.

Turns out, he really had no idea about it. Being new to athletics he tried just about every bar, gel, cookie (he does love cookies....but we can't blame him...so do we!) and waffle he could get his hands on. He focused on flavor, texture and how it made him feel while eating it and after eating it.  After a lot of trial and error -  meaning some epic bonks - he came up with a simple but profound thought.  He performed better when A) He ate real foods and B) when the food he ate tasted good. Knowing this, as simple as it sounds, really lead him to where split was born. 

split is about empowering you to make the most of your foods, to choose quality over commodity and to give your body what it craves and deserves. The science in their food is complex, but the concept is simple–split is the perfect combination of one good fat and one good carb.

The Feed’s Fave: Strawberry Spread and Almond Butter

We take split with us in our backpack on a hike or back pocket of our jersey for our ride.  To be honest...we take it everywhere!  When those hunger cravings begin, we satisfy them with this tasty packet of goodness!  We also like to keep a few stashed in our glove box as you never know when you'll need a mid-day snack!  Yes our glove box is a mini warehouse of sports nutrition.

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