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SOS Kids Electrolyte Drink Mix




What we think

Children are more prone to dehydration, making SOS Kids essential for any child’s active summer. Looking for sports or all day hydration for your kids?

SOS Kids Hydrates 3x times faster than water alone, and provides vitamins and minerals, important for any child.

As adults, we know the importance of hydration. Oftentimes our kids will play in the sun all day, without proper hydration. SOS Kids is the ideal hydration mix for soccer practice, little league, football, or a hot summer day on the beach. 

SOS Kids only contains 3 grams of sugar, and also provides a healthy boost of Vitamin C and Zinc

The benefits of using SOS Kids- increased focus, sleep, and overall energy throughout the day. Great for immunity support, digestive functions and makes you feel more energized while being active!

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How we use it (with our kids): We like to mix one packet of SOS Kids with roughly 8 ounces of fluid. We suggest kids drink one serving of SOS Kids for every 1-3 hours they are active/sweating. 

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