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So delicious, you’d think your mom made them! 

Think back to your childhood days when mom whipped up the most irresistibly crispy and gooey snacks of all time: Rice crispy treats.

Now there’s a sophisticated ‘grown-up’ version made especially for athletes by one of the most famous sports nutrition brands of all time… 


Introducing Skratch Labs Crispy Rice Cake… 

A ridiculously good sports performance bar that’s insanely delicious but still super light on the stomach so that it won’t weigh you down… 

Scratch Lab’s newest creation is another masterpiece that won’t disappoint. Their brand new Sport Crispy Rice Cake is made with a blend of perfectly puffed rice and toasted grains, including brown rice, long-grain rice, red rice, and quinoa, held together by heavenly fluffy marshmallow. Delicious, yet still convenient to throw in your bag and eat on the trails without being sticky or falling apart. We’re pretty sure it’s magic. 

This tasty blend of simple and complex carbohydrates held together by heavenly fluffy marshmallow packs in 180 calories, which is enough to keep most athletes going full speed for an hour of energy. They're light and easy to digest and will bring back memories of your favorite childhood snack, only more sophisticated.

You work hard, you deserve to treat yourself. 

Non-GMO and allergen-free (gluten, peanut, dairy, and gelatin-free) 

Three mouth-watering flavors: Mallow, Chocolate & Mallow, and Strawberry & Mallow.

Feed Fav: Eight of each!

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