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Skratch Labs Cookie Mix




What we think

The Skratch Labs iconic cookie mix is back. 

The people at Skratch Labs have long been known for their "made from scratch" approach to drink mixes and performance food. This idea was brought to the baking-front awhile back with great success and we're stoked they're back for a limited time.

Cookies aren't just for dessert. This throwback to the original cookie mix gives you homemade nutrition similar to most energy bars, but simpler and more versatile. 

These are seriously easy to make and you can bake these legendary cookies in your own kitchen to fuel your next ride, run, workout, or adventure. 

You can customize the mix with berries, nuts, chocolate or whatever you please, to create a custom healthy cookie. With just a few ingredients, you can be sure the delicious fuel you’re making is also healthy and clean...as always from Skratch. 

Check out our maple bacon chocolate chip recipe here, and our lemon blueberry bar recipe here!

How We Use It:

We often find ourselves craving a tasty dessert after hard workouts...but these are also great IN workout. Skratch Labs Cookie Mix makes it very easy to go from mix to cookie in just under 30 mins with easy directions right on the package.

Simply add a stick of butter, mix-ins (we prefer chocolate), one large egg and combine together. Bake at 350 degrees and BAM, fresh cookies!

Skratch Labs Cookie Mix The Genesis: 

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