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Do you train indoors? You need to try this new gel and drink made specifically for hot, intense efforts typical of indoor training.

The products are called Turbo+ from the UK's Science in Sport and it does two things:

1) Changes your perception of how hot you are feeling.

Numerous studies have shown that indoor performance decreases when you are in hot environments.  It turns out that just reducing your perception of being hot is enough to help you breathe easier and improve your time to exhaustion. SIS Turbo+ Drink and Gel use Menthol to target the thermoreceptors within your mouth to evoke a pleasant and refreshing sensation to change your body's perception of how hot it really is.

2) Formulated for high-intensity

I don't know about you, but my indoor sessions are some of my most intense efforts.  SIS Turbo+ has put together a formulation of caffeine, beta-alanine, and L-carnitine to help buffer lactate acid build-up and stimulate your central nervous system to push out the onset of fatigue. 

Key Benefits:

  • Enhances performance in the heat by up to 5%
  • Increases exercise capacity and performance
  • Improves time to exhaustion in exercise performance
  • Caffeine - 150mg per gel

How We Use It:

Use during indoor training.  For maximum caffeine impact, take 1 Gel 30 minutes before your session. 

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