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What we think

Get your hands on a variety of the world's first isotonic gel.

These energy gels by Science in Sport were key in changing the game. They effectively deliver an easily digestible and quick supply of two types of carbohydrate, allowing the body to absorb more carbs-per-hour than glucose alone.

The SIS Difference:

What does isotonic mean? They are essentially equal in osmotic pressure and less likely to lead to stomach distress..

We know taking in carbohydrates with diligence can prevent bonking and improve endurance...but sometimes the high sugar content of gels can cause stomach issues. That's where the isotonic formula comes in to play.

These gels don’t require you to drink water with them, making them a great option if you tend to experience that full, sloshy feeling from drinking too much water with your gels OR struggle with thick, syrupy gels. They also contain three different electrolytes to aid in proper fuel + fluid absorption.  

What you get: 

10 Total gels in the best-selling flavors!

2x SiS Go Isotonic Lemon Lime 
1x SiS Go Isotonic Orange 
2x SiS Go Energy + Caffeine Citrus 
1x SiS Go Energy + Caffeine Espresso
1x SiS Go Isotonic Tropical 
1x SiS Go Isotonic Apple 
1x SiS Go Isotonic Pineapple
1x SiS Go Isotonic Vanilla


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