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Looking to fuel your day the best plant-based way? RXBAR is known for having the cleanest ingredients list in the market, and now with their new plant-based bars! This crumbly, sweet and soft plant based bar is made with real chocolate, gluten-free oats, nuts, dates and contains high quality pea-protein. These few simple ingredients give you a well-balanced snack with a healthy amount of fats, carbohydrates, fiber and natural sugars to keep you fueled wherever you are. 

Each bar contains 12 grams of high quality pea-protein, which makes them great for a post-workout treat or a mid-day munch. They’re easy to digest, are gluten free, GMO free, dairy free, with no sugar added. RXBAR remains to be one of our favorites, especially with these new plant based bars!

The Feed Favorite: Peanut butter!! It tastes like a peanut butter cookie. 

How We Use It: 

These bars make a great option for those long rides or ultra-running adventures. We like to keep these in our jersey pocket if we need a source of substantial nutrition mid-ride. These are also great for keeping in your gym bag, backpack, or desk drawer so that you always have a high quality snack on hand when hunger strikes!

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