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If you love RXBAR then you're going to love their latest bar: RXBAR Layers! They took their beloved nut butter based bar recipe, and created a two-layered protein bar that packs a delicious 1-2 punch. With a layer of crunchy nut butter over honey and a soft, chewy protein bar these bars are like a nutritious protein bar meets indulgent candy bar!

RXBAR Layers are made with real and simple ingredients like chocolate, egg whites, dates, and nuts. Not to mention, each bar is packed with 15g of high quality protein and only 4g of added sugar. You get both the flavor and wholesome ingredients to provide a well balanced and tasty snack.

How We Use It:
These bars have both carbs and protein, making them a great post-workout option to kickstart recovery. We also love to have these for an afternoon treat that gives us the protein we need to make it to our next meal.

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