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What we think

 If you like cereal and have a protein goal, this one’s for you!

Kickstart your morning with RX Bar Cereal. Made with real vanilla, crunchy almonds and pumpkin seeds, this protein cereal will not disappoint. Did I mention 11 grams of protein per serving? Can’t beat that!

We love a good cereal every morning. RX Cereal is quick, nutritious and packed with high quality protein. Not only does this satisfy your tastebuds, but actually very filling. This cereal is fortified with Iron, Calcium and Potassium to aid in bone and joint health, fluid balance and gut health.

RX Bar Cereal comes in two flavors:

  1. Vanilla Almond
  2. Chocolate Almond

It’s safe to say that both flavors offer the perfect combination of just the right sweetness and crunch. The best part is that it takes just a tad bit longer for this cereal to turn soggy, giving you more time to indulge! To be honest though, this stuff will most definitely get eaten before it gets the chance to turn soggy.

How We Use It:

Add 1 cup of RXBar Cereal with 1 cup of your favorite milk for a nutritious breakfast!

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