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They say breakfast is the meal of champions 🏋️ and we agree! Getting a healthy, protein-rich breakfast sets you up for success. If it can be DELICIOUS and CONVENIENT on top of healthy, then that’s a triple threat! 

Enter RX A.M. oat packs, a low sugar, wholesome, and super tasty breakfast option from our trusted friends at RX. Completely free of processed sugar, with only a handful of ingredients and ZERO B.S., these single-serving breakfast packs even include egg so you know you are getting a complete protein on top of your complex carbs. 

Please note that this is NOT the highly-processed, sugar-laden oatmeal of your childhood. RX oat packs are healthy, hearty breakfasts, perfect for athletes and the whole family to enjoy! 

💁‍♀️While RX breakfast oats taste great on their own, there are some fun ways to enjoy them and spice up your breakfast. Try sprinkling in chia seeds, cacao nibs, dried or fresh fruit to add some interesting textures and flavors.

Top tip:Add a pack of RX nut butter to intensify the flavor factor, almost double your protein and add a little healthy fat. BONUS: the butter adds a silky creamy texture that's mouth-wateringly delicious! 

How To Use: Just add some hot water or milk to taste, stir and enjoy!

Why Buy From The Feed? 

Did you know that The Feed is one of the only places that offer ALL your favorite sports nutrition in single packs as well as bulk variety boxes? This means you can mix and match a variety of flavors and brands and NOT get stuck with a whole box of something that you grow tired of or decide you really don’t like after all...

Get your fuel at The Feed and enjoy Guaranteed Freshness and quality Every. Single. Time.

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