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What we think

The Running Superpack combines our favorite (and best selling) running items for runners of all levels.  You get everything you need to make your next run better and your next race a PR. 

Here is what is in your Running Superpack:

1) Hydration & Energy During your Run: 

6x Maurten Drink Mix 320

This has become the most popular drink for all the top Marathoners in the world. It provides hydration and a huge amount of carbs for energy. It's unique hydrogel enables you to consume far more carbs per hour than any other product and have zero stomach issues. Kipchoge broke the world marathon record using Maurten. Drink 1 bottle per hour.  If you don't run with a bottle, drink 1/2 a bottle before you start running. 

6x Maurten Gel 100

An even more portable form of Maurten for runners.  These gels provide 25g of carbs each and the best part is the taste, there really isn't any taste, they are just slightly sweet. Unlike other Gels you have used and are more like sugary syrup, Maurten Gel is a true gel, more like Jello.  We recommend 1 Gel per hour when paired with Maurten 320 or if you are only using Gels then aim for 2 to 3 per hour.

BONUS: Also get a limited edition Maurten Water Bottle

2) Lactic Buffering to push you to a new PR

1x AMP HP Lotion

This lotion uses a transdermal absorption technology from a leading biotech company to deliver sodium bicarbonate to your muscle. This helps buffer lactic acid as it builds up during the run. The result is that your legs hurt less so you can push harder.

5 x Sur Alt Red

These are the most popular supplement for runners. They are also used for lactic buffering but using beetroot extract. It's crazy, but they really work well. Your legs will hurt less and you can push harder and harder during your workouts.

3) Recover like a champ

1x Vitalfit Tart Cherry

Using tart cherry extract they will knock out the inflammation that builds up from hard training and repetitive impacts.  Take this every morning to stay on top of inflammation before it occurs.

1x iKOR Warming Topical CBD

Run this topical stick on anywhere that hurts to deliver the miracle of plant-based CBD healing. It is super portable and discreet. We are big fans of iKOR for post workout healing and reduction in pain, especially on sore knees, calves, and feet. It is a full spectrum CBD with 0% THC. 



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