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rnnr Running Trucker Hat



What we think

A twist on the beloved, classic trucker hat.

These Trucker Hats from our new partners, rnnr, are the perfect combination of style and performance. This hat features everything you love about a classic trucker hat, with the added benefits of lightweight sweat-managing materials.


Stay Cool

While not their "coolest" hat, it retains the same performance-focused materials so you can take this out on your next run. 

The addition of a sweatband behind the foam means that you won't have to worry about sweat dripping down into your eyes as you heat up.


The flexible brim allows you to curve it, flip it up, or leave it flat to match your style. 


Their materials are reliable for any day out on the trails.

This updated version has a super stretchy back strap, ensuring that you stay headache-free, while soft but structured mesh provides ultimate comfort.


The rnnr Trucker Hat comes in one standard size.


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