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RBar Energy Protein Bar




What we think

 One of the cleanest protein bars in the market, made with only 5-7 ingredients!

RBar is known for their delicious and nutrient packed bars. These moist and protein packed bars are perfect as a post-workout recovery treat. Not only do they offer a balanced macronutrient profile that is perfect for recovery, but they also taste good. Makes recovery 100x a better experience.

Because these are made with very few ingredients, you can really taste them well. With minimal processing, you should be able to taste every ingredient in this bar. This is what we love about a bar like this, that it is made with whole foods!

These bars come in 5 unique flavors:

Honey Nut Bars
Pomegranate Bar
Coconut Bar
Matcha-O Orange Bar
Acai Berry bar

All the unique different flavors that hit all your taste buds just right!

The Feed Fave: Pomegranate! But guess what? They are all delicious!

How We Use It:

We like to chill out after a workout and have 1-2 bars for some quick and yummy recovery snack.

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