Quicksilver Scientific CBD Synergies-PN Relief Formula



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Are you looking for a CBD product designed to relieve pain and provide whole-body comfort? 
Congratulations!🎉 Your search is over!
Quicksilver has developed a line of CBD products that completely blow the competition out of the water... 

The groundbreaking softgel technology used in this formula ensures excellent absorption of botanicals and nutraceuticals. It enables them to bypass your digestive tract and go right to your bloodstream where it can start relieving your pain ASAP.

This PN Relief formula is specifically designed to balance immune response to stressors in your body and to support whole-body comfort.

An elegant blend of curcumin and precious turmeric essential oils that work synergistically with Boswellia extract to support gut and joint health. Pepperine, an extract of black pepper, boosts the bioavailability of each ingredient. . .

  • Full body relief of joint, muscle, and nerve irritations: the full spectrum hemp extract contains a premium blend of CBD and a Farm Bill compliant level of THC, the effects of which are enhanced by the hemp-based terpene b-caryophyllene 
  • Gut and joint health: this formula contains a proprietary complex of curcumin, turmeric essential oil, and Boswellia extract that work synergistically together
This revolutionary, highly bioavailable formula helps support whole-body wellbeing so you can respond better to the stressors of training.

Take 2 capsules with 8 oz. of water on an empty stomach.

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