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What we think

PURECLEAN BEET™ leverages one of nature's powerhouses for enhancing health and performance: the beet. 

You may have heard of athletes experimenting with beets in the endurance space. What we are after is the nitrates. This compound converts to nitric oxide in the body and is able to improve the body’s ability to deliver oxygen to working muscles. This can translate into a boost in endurance, strength, power, and (not to be forgotten) general health. 

PURECLEAN BEET™ has 3X higher nitric oxide support than many beet products and is antioxidant certified for improved energy, a stronger cardiovascular system, and healthy blood pressure. Along with those benefits, it can also aid in adjusting to performance when going to altitude or changing environments. 

With nitric oxide boosting ArteriO2™ beet juice crystals, PURECLEAN BEET™ is one of the most potent cardiovascular, health, and athletic performance boosting beet-based products out there. 

The flavor?

They taste like a sweet, earthy beet... because there is nothing in them but high quality beets. It dissolves easily, so whether it's pre-workout, meal supplement or recovery, a dash of beet powder is the perfect addition to your routine.

Each batch is also 3rd party tested and approved for purity and sustainably grown by select family farms.

How to Use It:

We like to take PURECLEAN BEET™ about 60 minutes before a workout (whether it's endurance or not) or just in a morning smoothie! Add in some protein powder and it makes a powerful morning shake. 

It may take a couple weeks before you notice any benefits depending on life factors. Commit to using one scoop daily for at least 30 days, though. Many notice a pick-up of mental and physical energy ~60 minutes after consuming beet powder. Stick with it, because over time, will you begin to reap the rewards.