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What we think

If you believe in the performance-boosting Nitrate power of beets but don't want to juice your own, PureClean Performance is the answer. Recently athletes have been scrambling to get their hands on beets. Studies have revealed that the nitrates in these vegetables help your muscles use oxygen more efficiently. That can translate into a boost in endurance, strength, power, speed, performance and results.

Each tub has just ground up beet juice powder, nothing else. The flavor? They taste like beets because there is nothing in them but beets. It dissolves easily in any substance, so whether it's pre-workout, meal supplement or recovery, a dash of beet powder is the perfect addition to a shake or smoothie. 

How We Use It

We like to take Pure Clean about 15-30 minutes before we workout (whether it's endurance or not).  That seems to be the best time to optimize the benefits of beets.