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Powerbar Powergel Original Variety Pack



What we think

Can't choose a flavor? Try them all with the new variety pack offerings!

PowerBar, an athlete favorite since 1996, is back at The Feed! Their new and improved Powergel Original is great for getting in fast absorbing carbohydrates during endurance exercise. It's a long-time favorite with an update. 

What's in it?

Each gel contains 26 grams of carbs and 200mg of sodium! 

These gels contain PowerBar's unique C2Max technology, a dual source carbohydrate mix that contains a scientifically developed 2:1 ratio of glucose to fructose. These carbs use two different pathways in the body to be absorbed, so you get the energy you need to keep going more quickly and efficiently. Sodium is also included in this formula, which helps with fluid and fuel delivery.

PowerBar updated their formula so the gels now have a much more liquid-like consistency, making them easy to get down during exercise.

What're my options?

They come in a variety of awesome flavors, that's why we're excited to offer these packs to showcase them all. Everything from tropical fruit to salty peanut. All flavors are vegan friendly, and the salty peanut flavor is even suitable for those with peanut allergies! 

The variety pack comes in boxes of 12 or 24.

All of PowerBar's products (produced in Germany) are registered by the Cologne List, which ensures that they are tested and free of banned substances. 

How We Use It:

We like to take one gel every 30-45 minutes. Following our standard guidelines, 2 x gels an hour would give you over 50g of carbs! Be sure to drink plenty of water or hydration mix with these gels for optimal absorption.

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