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Protein supplements are some of the most used supplements in the nutrition world. Now there’s a big reason for that, optimal muscle repair and growth. PNG offers an rBGH-free protein isolate, which means it is free of lab made growth hormones. This formula was developed to repair and maintain lean muscle tissue while also replenishing vital nutrients after a workout.

This blend also has 200mg Pepzyme AG Proteolytic Enzymes Blend, which helps break down protein easier for better digestion. Oh and the best part? It is Informed Sport Certified! This means that this product is banned substance tested by the most robust 3rd party supplements anti-doping program in the world.

This drink is absolutely delicious, made with natural ingredients and is great for people who are lactose sensitive!

How we use it:

Use PNG’s Whey Protein Isolate after a workout to refuel and rebuild muscle. Add 1 scoop of PNG’s Whey Protein Isolate to 8 fl oz of water or choice of milk, then shake or blend. 

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