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Hydration is super important and cannot be skimped on! Although the human body is composed of 60% water, it takes much more than water to stay hydrated. Crucial to proper hydration and proper bodily function, electrolytes do it all. These are electrically charged minerals and compounds that help your body do its work and keep its systems regulated! This electrolyte mix has a balanced formula of Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium with added Vitamins and Iron to help with important bodily functions! 

Founded by a team of moms, dads, professional athletes and enthusiasts, PNG researched, tested and partnered with progressive chemists to formulate products that are natural and nutrient rich. This electrolyte mix has some of our favorite ingredients, including its first ingredient, coconut water powder. PNG Electrolytes are formulated with 420 mg of electrolytes with a naturally flavored and super refreshing taste!

The benefits of these electrolytes include:

  • Regulates Water and pH balance in your body.

  • Regulates nerves, muscles, heart and brain function.

  • Rebuilding damaged tissue.

  • Helps maximize physical performance

  • Promotes cardiovascular health.

  • Regulates nutrient delivery into the cells.

The Feed Favorite: Watermelon Cucumber… Super unique and refreshing flavor!

How We Use it:

This is one of our most refreshing go-to electrolytes for any hydration needs. Keep a tub or single serving packets in your gym bag, backpack or pockets and you will never miss an electrolyte! Also keep in mind, the more you sweat and the longer duration of exercise, the more your body loses electrolytes. For a longer duration of exercise or sweat session, drink 1-2 servings per hour to be on top of hydration and prevent cramping. For general hydration, add 1 scoop/serving into 16 fl oz of water, sip on some super refreshing flavors and let the electrolytes do the work!

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