Plant People Stay Sharp CBD Capsules 450MG



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What we think

We are always looking to sharpen the pencil here at The Feed and simply put...the brain is our pencil!  Plant People has created a brain-boosting blend of high-performance hemp-derived CBD with clinical-strength, adaptogenic herbs and nootropics that support cognitive function, memory, focus and over all health.  This powerful capsule is a amazing blend that delivers results.  Simply put.

It also has a few other key benefits that allow it to be a supplement that shouldn't be overlooked:

Brain Health: promotes circulation and function while actively repairing and protecting from the brain and its transmitters from neuronal damage. 

Mental Alertness: provides healthy oxygen flow to the micro-vascular system of the brain. 

Improved Memory and Cognition: compounds are beneficial for improving affect recall, recognition memory, attention, concentration, mood and reaction time. 

Antioxidant Support: supports the integrity of vascular systems and healthy inflammatory response. 

Social Behavior: enhances social presence through compounds known to reduce stress and anxiety reduction of stress and anxiety.

Supply: 30 capsules
Strength: 525mg (15mg CBD per cap)
Origin: CBD (Hudson Valley, NY)
Herbs (Globally-Sourced)

To see the true effects of this supplement you should look at taking it within these guidelines.  Take 1-3 capsules DAILY any time of day. For optimal results, continue to take 1-3 capsules everyday for at least 7 days.

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