Plant People Full Spectrum CBD Drops + Sleep 720MG



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We're all wound up these days and sometimes it takes something "extra" to help promote a better night's sleep.  Enter Plant People's Full Spectrum CBD Drops + Sleep.  This fast-acting, full spectrum hemp extract high in CBD plus elevated levels of cannabinoids, CBN and CBC, with targeted terpenes, promotes deeper sleep, while reducing nightly anxiety and restlessness without next day drowsiness.

Doesn't that make you want to say sigh and say yes please?  Plant People's Drops + Sleep include a number of benefits including:

Sedative: Induces sleep, promotes calmness while suppressing locomotor activity by activating GABA, CB1 and CB2 receptors. 

Anti-Anxiety: Provides hormone balance, adrenal support, blood pressure regulation, which are essential in reducing chronic stress and promoting calm for better sleep. 

Anti-Inflammatory: Reduces pain and inflammation, aids muscle recovery by supporting circulation and cellular function. 

Oh did we mention it's non drowsy?  Some of the tinctures we have experienced some alternate patterns but not with this one!  This simple formulation contains only the necessary elements to provide a great overall tincture.

So how do you use this?  About 15-20 minutes before bed time - shake well. Place a half dropper or more under your tongue and hold for three breaths, 20 seconds, then swallow.  


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