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When Perfect Keto said "Your protein shake just got whey more beneficial"....  We were WHEY in.  Get it?  Whey?  Ok...we'll stick to our day jobs. The new Perfect Keto Whey is a great-tasting powdered protein supplement that is ideal for pre-workout, post-workout, on the go, or whenever you need to add protein to your diet.  If you are like us...that's always!

We noticed that some of us that went on the ketogenic diet is that it was tough to keep the protein levels high. As we found out, when you're cutting carbs, it proteins that you lack in most traditional keto diets. We love the idea of protein shakes and it's a great way to combat the issue but finding a low-carb, great tasting protein that contains added MCTs is near none.  Until now!  

This Perfect Keto Whey packs a punch with:

  • 15g of whey protein isolate (90%) from grass-fed dairy
  • 3g of carbs
  • 5g of MCT Oil Powder
  • 4g of high quality fats


 Perfect Keto Whey is intended for use immediately before exercise, especially when you know that the bout of exercise ahead will leave you feeling hungry and depleted. When you don’t have a meal made from scratch readily available, this protein helps to fast track the fueling process!

 Here is a video on how to use Perfect Keto Whey Protein Powder:

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