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Why Microgreens?  Perfect for those who aren’t able to eat as many vegetables or the variety they want while on the ketogenic diet. In some cases the nutrient dense fruits and vegetables will kick you out of ketosis, not anymore! You can achieve all of your nutrition in one scoop.  Yes...you heard that right.  One scoop.

Perfect Keto Micro Greens for ketosis packs all of the nutrition from 26 different organic fruits and vegetables. We also include 5g of MCT oil powder and herbs for digestion so that your body can actually process all of this nutritional powerhouse.  Unlike others, Perfect Keto Greens supplement contains NO fillers, corn starch, or fiber additives. This means that their greens powder has ZERO carbs and ZERO grams of sugar: just pure nutrition from 26 different plants.  Perfect Keto greens powder will help you get all of the necessary micronutrients that you won’t get eating a ketogenic diet and that aren’t included in multivitamins.  The Perfect Keto MCT oil powder in this keto greens blend comes from coconuts and is composed of 70% C8 and 30% C10.

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We like to take this product after a good workout.  It's great as a recovery/anti inflammatory agent.  Super tasty and easy to take down.  Mix with water and you are done!

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