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Tired of snacking on cookies that you feel guilty about? Keto Cookies will satisfy your sweet cravings without the guilt!

Have the perfect dessert right in your pantry!

This perfect little treat is soft, yummy and has all the decadence of a real cookie, with only 4 grams of net carbs and 6 grams of protein! Whether you’re looking to avoid any added sugars, or want a clean treat, Perfect Keto Keto Cookies will blow your mind.

Made with the right ingredients, these cookies are actually good for you!

Not only are they ketogenic, but they’re actually made with real whole-food ingredients like grass-fed butter, grass-fed collagen, unsweetened chocolate chips and almond flour. No junk. No fillers.

How We Use It:

We like to enjoy these fresh, delicious, soft cookies right out of our pantry. Whether it's for a quick breakfast snack, dessert treat or on the go fuel, we love enjoying these cookies in many different ways:

  1. Get yourself a glass of your favorite milk for some cookies and milk action!
  2. Use two cookies and make an ice cream sandwich with your favorite ice cream!
  3. Pop one in the microwave for 10 seconds and enjoy it with a scoop of ice cream!

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