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Perfect Keto Bars




What we think

The Keto Kraze is on....and has been for some time.  But what about a Keto Friendly bar options for all those that are trying to stick to the master diet plan?  Wait no more....the Perfect Keto Bars are here!

Perfect Keto  "spent a year developing the formula for the perfect, great-tasting, keto-friendly bar with high quality ingredients that wouldn’t cause unnecessary spikes to your blood sugars. Then they added two more delicious flavors to the family, so now you have 3 ways to indulge."

Some of the Perfect Keto Bar highlights include:

  • 10g collagen protein from grass-fed cows.
  • 3g of net carbs or less
  • No added sugars,  sugar alcohols, chemicals, gluten, dairy, soy or corn.
  • 19g of high quality fats

Keto Bars are filled with great ingredients and provide a long level high energy to fuel your mind and body.

The Feed’s Fave: Do we have to pick one?  Ok ok....Lemon Poppyseed

How We Use It

We take this product with us in our backpack on a hike or back pocket of our jersey for our ride.  When those hunger cravings begin, we satisfy them with this tasty treat!  We also like to keep a few stashed in our glove box as you never know when you'll need a mid-day keto snack!  If you are anything like us...that happens often!

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