Ortho Molecular Kid-D Liquid Drop


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What we think

While sunshine is important, it isn’t always easy to get (winters ☃ come to mind) 

Even when we do send the kids outside to play, if the sun is out we are likely to slather them with sunscreen...

These are just a couple reasons why kids can be low in vitamin D and supplementing is a good idea.

Vitamin D is crucial for optimal immune system functioning as well as contributes to bone and teeth health (which growing children need a lot of!)

Why We Love It

Kid-D Liquid Drops are a convenient, odorless, tasteless liquid that can be added to any beverage.

Studies have shown vitamin D3 (found in Kid-D liquid drops) is the preferable form of vitamin D as it’s been found to keep levels active for longer periods of time. 

Get your sunshine in a bottle now! 🌞

How We Use

1/2 dropperful (0.4ml) per day. Can be mixed in any beverage.

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