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What we think

Do current world events have you searching for the best natural remedies to boost your kids’ immune systems? 

If so, congratulations, you've just found one! 

Why We Love It

Imu-Max has taken two of the most powerful immune supporting botanicals known to man and combined them into a yummy elixir your kid is going to love. 

This formula is a great-tasting combination of echinacea and propolis extracts to supercharge your child's immune system.

About echinacea:  

If you’re at all into herbal healing, you’ve probably heard of echinacea.

A beautiful North American wildflower, echinacea has been used for over 400 years by the Plains Indians as powerful plant medicine. 

With the onset of prescription antibiotics, it fell by the wayside...

but it’s been making a major comeback recently- especially these days- and is widely recognized as a potent herb for immune system support and anti-inflammatory balance (among many other properties!) 

About bee propolis: 

Much study is still underway concerning bee propolis, but so far the results are pretty incredible. 

One 2013 review of studies referred to it as a “Wonder Bees Product”, connecting it to help with upper respiratory tract infections, common cold, flu-like infections as well as wound healing, treatment of burns, acne, inflammation and a whole slew of other conditions.  

Propolis is a resinous substance collected by bees to seal their hives and has traditionally been used in folk medicine since ancient times. Propolis extract has been found to maintain normal inflammatory balance.

Stock up on the best kids botanical immune booster now while supplies last! 

How We Use

We recommend 1 teaspoon (5ml) 3 times per day. It can be added to water, milk, or the beverage of your choice.



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