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What we think

When it comes to living an athletic life, you must think about your bone health!

Some of the most common damages from athleticism are weakened bones. From knees, back and ankles to something as small as your fingers, damages like this can happen to anyone between 25-40 years old. Thankfully, supplements like Ston Bone exist and have been formulated to specifically beat the damage!

What is in Stron Bone?

Stron Bone is formulated with Strontium, Vitamin K2, E, Potassium, Copper, Manganese, Boron and Bioperine. I know, there’s a lot in there! However, each and every component of this supplement has its own unique job. With them all conjoined together, it is a one-stop shop for a supercharged skeletal system!

Key Benefits:

  • Helps fortify bone and maintain bone density
  • Utilizes calcium and activate proteins that mineralize bones
  • Helps protect osteoblasts and osteoclasts (bone forming cells) from free radicals
  • Helps the body buffer acids that reduce bone density

Who needs Ston Bone?

If you are an endurance athlete or participate in any impact sports, this can help you take your bones to the next level and make your body unbreakable. Giving your bones the supplements it needs gives them the durability to sustain any impact and bounce back from an accident more easily. It can also help promote healthy bone aging and prevent bone degeneration!

How We Use It:

We like to take 3 capsules early in the day with a light meal. We do not recommend taking his supplement within four hours of taking any calcium or strontium supplement. 

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