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Onnit Spirulina and Chlorella




What we think

You guessed right, this may be one of our favorite superfood duos!

Spirulina and Chlorella have been taking over the internet with their own superpowers. Yes, we used the term “superpower” to accurately describe their roles and how they can really benefit us as athletes. This duo can really help you get your performance in line with your goals, and also boosts your health by supporting your immune system. 

You might be surprised by how much good damage those two can do together.

Spirulina and Chlorella are two different types of algae that form and live in freshwaters. The benefits that this duo provides is quite impressive. Not only do they provide complete protein and a wide array of vitamins and minerals, but they also rid the body of any toxins.

Key benefits:

  • Supports your immune system
  • Binds to heavy metals and stimulates detoxification
  • Helps improve cholesterol levels and protects your heart
  • Helps keep your blood pressure in check
  • Can improve blood sugar levels
  • Enhances aerobic endurance
  • Improves macronutrient digestion and absorption
  • Helps relieve occasional respiratory distress

This list can most definitely go on… the superpowers on this duo is unmatchable. 

This type of supplement is beneficial for both athletes and non-athletes. Not only does it provide an immense amount of energy boost for athletes, but it can also make any ordinal person feel at its best. With its heart protecting properties, digestive solutions and micronutrient density, Spirulina and Chlorella is designed to make you feel at your very best day and night! 

How We Use It:

We like to take 4 capsules in the morning and 4 capsules at night with food if needed. As much as we want to keep supplementing with this, we do not recommend exceeding 8 pills in a 24 hour period.

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