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What we think

Glutamine is an amino acid that is highly abundant in the body. It makes up the majority of the amino acid pool in your body, which is used to prevent muscle breakdown and promote the building and maintenance of lean muscle mass. It also supports endurance performance, proper digestion, and nutrient absorption. It can be difficult to get enough glutamine from the diet, especially for athletes and active individuals who may need more than the average person.

That's where this Onnit Glutamine supplement comes in! Not only can it help support all of the functions mentioned above, but research has even shown that when taken prior to endurance exercise like long distance running it can boost endurance performance and reduce post-exercise inflammation! Glutamine is also unique in that it can act as a fuel source for cells, which can help boost aerobic capacity. Research has also shown that glutamine supplementation can improve reaction time, reduce muscle soreness, boost recovery from weight training, and even promote immune health.

Here are just a few areas Onnit Glutamine can help you with:
  • Support muscle and gut health
  • Minimize muscle breakdown
  • Support endurance
  • Promote performance
Not to mention, Onnit Glutamine is dairy free, soy, free, vegan friendly, and Informed Sport certified! Get back in the game faster and stay there longer by making Onnit Glutamine a part of your routine!

How We Use It:
Take one scoop mixed with 8 oz. of water or your favorite beverage before or after exercise.


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