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What we think

We cannot even begin to describe the importance of B vitamins for athletes!

B Vitamins are known as metabolic cofactors. This means that they are essential for energy metabolism and nutrient absorption. Not only do they play a major role in energy metabolism, but they also have their own nutritional roles and benefits to keep your system in check.

Do I need to supplement with Active B Complete?

Well, you definitely do get a good amount of B Vitamins from your diet. However, not everyone handles the absorption of B vitamins well from food sources. Supplementing with a methylated (active) version of B vitamins can make a huge difference in absorption of the nutrient, leading to better utilization of its benefits. Additionally, if you are following a vegetarian/vegan diet, you may be lacking one of the most important B vitamins, which is Vitamin B12! This vitamin is essential for keeping your body’s blood and nerve cells healthy to avoid any health complications that may arise from deficiency. With Active B Complete, you are supplementing with the active versions of B vitamins, which are better absorbed by the intestines!

How is this important for athletes?

As an athlete, your metabolism can really impact your performance levels. Without proper metabolic functions, you may not be able to properly digest, absorb and metabolize macronutrients and micronutrients for sufficient energy. Additionally, if you are not absorbing those essential nutrients you get from your diet, you are not getting the health benefits associated with those nutrients. This can lead to major deficiencies that can alter your skeletal, cognitive and cardiovascular health. How does this relate to B vitamins? Not only are they essential vitamins that have their own health benefits, but they are important metabolic cofactors that are responsible to keep your metabolism fully functional!

We highly suggest this product if you want to avoid physical and mental exhaustion!

How We Use It:

We like to take 1 capsule daily with a light meal.

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