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What we think

We talk a lot about fueling for performance and recovery, but a critical part of training is SLEEP! Sleep is the time during which the body repairs, recovers, and rebuilds itself, allowing you to get the most out of your training. Research shows that athletes who are sleep deprived (consistently get less than 6 hours of restful sleep per night) can see a decrease in performance, suppression of immune function, and increased risk for injury after just one week. Combat sleep deprivation with this awesome new product from Nuun!

Why Nuun Rest? Contrary to what most people expect, this product does NOT contain melatonin. Instead, it contains nutrients that have been shown to improve sleep quality and promote recovery during sleep. This product has:

·      Magnesium: an important mineral necessary for building and repairing muscle, as well as maintaining proper nerve and brain function. It can also help improve sleep quality and reduce the effects of stress by slowing and regulating your heart rhythm. Research suggests that almost 50% of athletes are deficient in magnesium! Nuun Rest has you covered, with 72% of your recommended intake of magnesium in one tablet.

·      Tart Cherry: tart cherry is mostly known for its ability to reduce inflammation and improve recovery, but it also helps boost natural melatonin production!

·      Low in sugar: excess sugar before bed can make falling asleep and staying asleep more difficult. It can also promote inflammation and make it harder to recover. Not to worry, sweetened with natural stevia leaf extract, one Nuun Rest tablet has only 1 gram of sugar so you can enjoy the taste without the negative side effects.

·      Electrolytes: sodium and potassium are key electrolytes that help with hydration and nutrient delivery to promote rest and recovery.


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How We Use It

Dissolve one tablet in 4-6 oz. of hot or cold water and enjoy before a nap, bedtime, or when you feel like you need to simply rest and relax. Pro tip: sip on Nuun Rest while enjoying a protein rich snack before bedtime on days when your muscles need some extra love!

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