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If you love Nuun as much as we do, then we think you'll love their new Podium Series line of products! Designed to elevate performance and take your workouts to the next level, their new series of products will help you train like a champion.

Nuun Recover is a hydrating protein drink mix that sets itself apart from other recovery drinks on the market. Its focus is on rapidly rehydrating while also promoting muscle repair. 

Their formula contains a proprietary blend of electrolytes designed to promote quick, efficient rehydration after a workout that leaves you depleted. It also contains a superpower BCAA blend that has an optimal 3:1:1 ratio of Leucine: Valine: Isoleucine. This is equivalent to 30g of protein to help stimulate muscle protein synthesis and repair workout related muscle damage. 

This drink mix is light and refreshing, unlike many of the heavier protein recovery drink mixes on the market. With flavors like lemonade and blackberry lemon, it delivery a clean, crisp mouth-feel while still providing everything you need to recover. 

Did we mention that this formula is free of soy, dairy, GMO's and gluten and is kosher and vegan friendly?! What more could you want from a post-workout recovery drink mix! Jumpstart your recovery immediately after your workout and minimize the time it takes for you to get back out there with Nuun Recovery.

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