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If you love Nuun as much as we do, then we think you'll love their new Podium Series line of products! Designed to elevate performance and take your workouts to the next level, their new series of products will help you train like a champion.

Nuun Prime is like your warm-up, it helps to prime your body and mind for the workout ahead. This ultra-hydrating, plant-based protein drink mix has electrolytes, BCAA's, and adaptogens. These ingredients work together to maximize hydration status, increase mental focus, and prevent muscle breakdown and fatigue during intense exercise.

Why use Nuun Prime before your workouts? Here are a few of the performance-enhancing benefits:
  • Hyper hydration: having plenty of electrolytes before a workout ensures that you are adequately hydrated. This helps you better maintain your core temperature, reduce your heart rate for a given effort, and prevent cramping
  • Muscle preparation: BCAA's (branched-chain amino acids) can be absorbed directly by the muscles for fuel. They also help protect against muscle damage during exercise and even boost fluid absorption!
  • Stress reduction and gut health: prebiotic fiber (inulin) can boost gut health by helping to protect the delicate lining of your GI tract against the damage it experiences during high-intensity exercise
  • Boost focus and cognitive performance: contains Panax ginseng, and the Orange Flavor has a total of 150 mg of natural caffeine. This can help improve focus and mental acuity during strenuous exercise
Did we mention that this formula is free of soy, dairy, GMO's and gluten and is kosher and vegan friendly?! What more could you want from a pre-workout drink mix!

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